About Us

Growing up with a father who taught us to only choose the “perfect” peach, and a mother and grandmother whose conversations about food and cooking never ended, we developed a passion for quality and pride in food.  We are a team of brothers, husband and wife, and brother/sister-in law.  Our combined passion of food, family, hospitality and design is what drove us to create Locale90 and share it with you.

In the true Neapolitan tradition, we select our simple, whole ingredients and combine them by hand to create a product we know you will appreciate.  We use “00” Flour, San Marzano Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella, Italian Sea Salt and imported Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  We bake our pizzas using the time-honored method of open flame cooking in our imported oven that reaches temperatures of over 900 degrees.

We use locally sourced and imported ingredients to create food for you to experience our love and passion for sharing a meal.

Just a few things we want you to know:

  • * We encourage you to choose no more than 3 toppings.  Basta!  Neapolitan pizzas are meant to be lightly topped to highlight the flavorful, quality ingredients.
  • * Pizza for One.  Each pizza is made to feed one person, but feel free to go ahead and share.
  • * In Italy, they typically eat Neapolitan pizza with a fork and knife.  We won’t judge you if you don’t, we just thought you might want to know.
  • * Locale means local in Italian and is pronounced “Lo-cal-ay”. Full translation is Locale Novanta
  • *The “90” means…. Well, we’ll let you figure that one out!

Jeff Melodia – Google My Business

Absolutely love this place. The food is exceptional. It is prepared with such care and love that when you eat the beautiful food you feel actually feel the love. The service is top notch. Such a great place in a great village in a great town. Highly recommend

Priya Naran – Google My Business

One of my favorite spots in the South Bay for true Neapolitan pizza. I had to come back and add to this review, that is how good this place is. The pizza is the winner, but today I tried their salad, which was fresh and full of color. In addition tried one of their pasta dishes which was absolutely delicious. Don’t forget to ask for their chilli oil which compliments everything!

Sophia Malone – Google My Business

Fresh arugula salad with goat cheese, pistachios and beets. Wild Nettles pizza. Side of rapini with capers and crispy breadcrumbs. A Pilsner. Seat at the bar. Don’t bother me, I’m eating.

Joan Wang – Google My Business

Great food, love the pasta with black pepper, cream, and cheese as well as the pizzas, red and white.

Brittany Wilson – Google My Business

Happened upon this place and was incredibly happy that I did! The service was excellent (thank you Jason). And the food was incredible (Go Wayne!).I had the caprese pizza and salad. The salad dressing was so good, I ordered some to go! And the pizza is the best Neopolitan pizza I have ever had. The only one I can think of that even came close was a Doc Severinsen original (yes I am speaking of the great trumpet master himself)!! I will definitely be back and you should join me!!!